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Harvard University Business School

Find out which of the top MBA programs you have the best chance of getting in to, so you can focus your money and effort on the ones that are more likely to stamp your application "Admit." We can provide you with your percentage chances of admission at the Harvard University Business School and other top business schools.

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Harvard University Business School
Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02163

Phone: (617) 495-6127
Fax: (617) 496-9272

Harvard University Business School Profile
Urban setting in Boston, Cambridge
Full-time MBA enrollment: 1,802
Part-time MBA enrollment: None
Women Students: 35%
Minority Students: 21%
International Students: 33%


  • Graduates have the benefits and backing of the Harvard name
  • Case method is the primary form of instruction
  • HBS has largest business school endowment in world

Harvard University Business School Class of 2008 Employment Statistics
Top industry areas:
Consulting - 23%
Investment Banking - 13%
Venture Capital/Private Equity - 11%

Top Employers (number of full-time hires):

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