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Our Guarantee

Having validated the accuracy of our business school admissions services and confirmed the precision with which we are able to predict your chances of admission, Go4BSchool.com offers a money back guarantee. We are so confident that our predictions are correct that if we incorrectly predict your chances of getting into any of the business school programs, you will receive a full (100%) refund of the fee for that business school. Finding out where you can get in is risk-free!

For purposes of the money back guarantee, our predictions are considered incorrect if the chance of admission we provided for a B-school were 51% or better and — based on the same data you provided to us — that B-school does not accept you. Likewise, if we predict that your chance of admission at a B-school is less than 50% and — based on the same data you provided to us — you are accepted, then we will also refund your money for that B-school. Our money back guarantee does not apply when an applicant is wait-listed.

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