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What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Looking at a business school's average GMAT and GPA to predict your chance of getting in is highly unreliable.

Each business school weighs the GMAT and other admissions factors differently. And you cannot ignore the other aspects of your background and achievements that will also be evaluated by the admissions committee.

Our state-of-the-art prediction model calculates your percentage chances of admission, so you do not have to rely on unreliable means:

  • Our predictions of your chances of admission are 98% accurate
  • Subjective factors are assessed by our admissions experts who were accepted by and attended HBS, Tuck, Cornell and other top business schools
  • Accuracy guaranteed or your money back

Make confident, informed decisions about where to apply by getting your chances of admission. Consider the value of the investment:

Applying costs around $300/school.  Our service costs only $20/school

You cannot afford to throw away your time, money and potential by playing admissions guessing games.


Assessment of Your Chances of Admission

  • $19.95 per B-school
  • Buy 3 B-schools for $59.85, get 1 free - 4 schools total
  • Buy 5 B-schools for $99.95, get 2 free - 7 schools total

Our admissions experts will provide you with your percentage chances of admission at the full-time MBA programs you select. Assessments are based on a thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis of your background, achievements and GMAT score.

Resume Services

Revamp Your Résumé for Applications and Interviewing

  • $99.95 per résumé

Our experts will transform your current résumé into a powerful, focused marketing tool to help you make the right first impression.

Interview Prep

Mock Interview Workshop

  • Get a this personalized 1.5 hour evaluation for $149.95

A comprehensive, one-on-one phone workshop run by one of our admissions experts. Learn what business schools want to hear and how you can position your background and experience in the best light, then test your skills with a mock interview. Post-interview feedback included.

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