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About Us

College Admissions Services, Inc. is an Internet-based admissions counseling organization headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The basis of our services is our proprietary ChancesR™ technology, which allows us to predict a potential applicant's percentage chances of admission at more than 150 undergraduate colleges and the top 50 U.S. graduate business and law schools. Our objective, statistics-based approach gives our clients access to accurate, personalized, and unbiased information. Armed with their percentage chances of admissions, our clients are able to make confident, informed decisions about their futures.

We have predicted undergraduate applicants' chances of admission with outstanding accuracy (greater than 96%) since 2001. Our services have been featured in top media including The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, and Reader's Digest. After receiving numerous requests to provide chances of admission for business schools, we began collecting and analyzing data to develop statistical models. Our newest site www.go4bschool.com was launched in the fall of 2004.

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"Our goal is to provide business school-bound professionals with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions when considering competitive MBA programs."
              — Matthew Schuldt, Co-Founder, College Admissions Services, Inc.

Our Admissions Specialists
Our experts are personally familiar with many of the colleges, business schools and law schools listed on our websites. Members of our staff have attended top colleges including Dartmouth, Illinois Wesleyan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Skidmore, Union, University of Chicago, Vassar, and Wesleyan as undergraduates and have attended and been accepted to many of the nation's top business schools including Harvard Business School, University of Pennsylvania Wharton, Northwestern Kellogg School of Business, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Columbia Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and more. Our admissions specialists are still intimately involved with their institutions and serve as alumni interviewers and/or career mentors. One of the members of our staff has also had several articles published in College Bound Magazine.

Our History
Our collegiate research began more than fifteen years ago when we established College Selection Services. The purpose of the company was to provide a simple and quick way for high school students to obtain a list of colleges that fit any attributes they chose. Students filled-out and snail-mailed (remember this was the 80s) a form on which they selected attributes for the types of colleges they were interested in including location, size, average SAT score, etc. We then scoured our database - containing every college in the United States and U.S. Territories - and mailed them a list of colleges that fit their criteria.

As we changed our focus from selecting colleges to predicting chances of admission, we also changed our name. College Admissions Services was born in 1999 when we developed our first statistical prediction model. As we gained more insight into the admissions process and acquired more data, we developed the predictive statistical model that we currently use to estimate students' chances of admission. In 2001, we launched www.go4ivy.com, which offered estimates of admission to Ivy League Colleges. We have since expanded our offerings.

Our undergraduate website — www.go4college.com — offers accurate predictions of chances of admission and expert counseling advice for more than 150 colleges and universities throughout the United States, as well as a breadth of information for college-bound students.

In 2004, we launched www.go4businessschool.com to provide potential business school applicants with their chances of admission to the top 50 U.S. business schools.

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